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HRN-67 Voltage monitoring relays in 1P - AC/DC by Elko

Manufacturer: Elko
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input24~150 Vac, Supply voltage = Measuring voltage
Supply Voltage24~150 Vac
FunctionalityOvervoltage, Undervoltage
Contact1CO, SPDT
LEDGreen, Red


  • It serves to control supply voltage for appliances sensitive to supply tolerance, protection of the device against under/over voltage.
  • HRN-3x is band voltage relay, HRN-6x is over/under voltage relay.
  • Like HRN-33, monitors voltage in range AC 24 -150 V
  • It is possible to monitor level of overvoltage and undervoltage independently
  • Voltage Umin adjusted as % of Umax.
  • 3-state indication – LEDs indicating normal state and 2 fault states.