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HRN3-70 Voltage monitoring relay in 3P with range switch by Elko

Manufacturer: Elko
SKU: HRN3-70
Minimum Order Quantity is 1
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Supply Voltage190~500 Vac
Contact2CO, DPDT
FunctionalityPhase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, Phase Sequence, Overvoltage, Undervoltage
LEDGreen, Red, Yellow


  • It is used for monitoring of voltage, power failure, sequence and asymmetry of phases in a 3-phase voltage system
  • Wide range of the monitored voltage with automatic selection of a lower/higher range
  • It measures actual voltage effective value - TRUE RMS
  • Fixed overvoltage level (Umax), adjustable undervoltage level (Umin)
  • Adjustable time delay (t2) for elimination of short-time voltage peaks
  • Adjustable time delay (t1) after switching on or with a return from the faulty state
  • Adjustable asymmetry level with optional switching off
  • Reset of the error in the memory using a pushbutton on the panel or external opening contact