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LRD Micro PLC by Lovato

Manufacturer: Lovato
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Range20.4~28.8 Vac, 20.4~28.8 Vdc, 85~265 Vac
Supply Voltage24 Vac, 24 Vdc, 100~240 Vac


Lovato's LRD micro PLC is compact in size with excellent performance, suitable for the control and supervision of low and medium complicated automation systems

  • Functions
    • Addition-Subtraction on variables
    • Multiplication-Division on variables
    • Comparator on variables
    • HMI display for parameter viewing and programming
    • PWM output
    • High speed input (1kHz)
    • PID function
    • Multiplexer
    • Analog ramp
    • Register transfer (numerical variables and status)
    • Shift function
    • Boolean logic blocks
  • Operational characteristics
    • 8A Ith current relay outputs for AC and DC versions
    • 0.3A 24VDC transistor outputs for DC version
    • 0...10V analog inputs for DC version
    • Version: modular for mounting on 35mm DIN rail (IEC/EN 60715) or M4x15mm screw fixing
    • Type of terminal: Screw
    • IEC degree of protection: IP20
  • See LRDKIT for complete kits to begin using micro PLCs are available, each equipped with LRD relay, programming-supervision software and USB connecting cable
SkuSupply VoltageOperating Range
LRD10RA240100~240 Vac85~265 Vac
LRD12RA02424 Vac20.4~28.8 Vac
LRD12RD02424 Vdc20.4~28.8 Vdc