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LRDKIT Micro PLC by Lovato

Manufacturer: Lovato
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Range20.4~28.8 Vac, 20.4~28.8 Vdc, 85~265 Vac
Supply Voltage24 Vac, 24 Vdc, 100~240 Vac


Lovato's LRD micro PLC starter kit, complete with base module, LRXSW software and LRXC00 cable is compact in size with excellent performance, suitable for the control and supervision of low and medium complicated automation systems

  • Functions
    • Addition-Subtraction on variables
    • Multiplication-Division on variables
    • Comparator on variables
    • HMI display for parameter viewing and programming
    • PWM output
    • High speed input (1kHz)
    • PID function
    • Multiplexer
    • Analog ramp
    • Register transfer (numerical variables and status)
    • Shift function
    • Boolean logic blocks
  • Operational characteristics
    • 8A Ith current relay outputs for AC and DC versions
    • 0.3A 24VDC transistor outputs for DC version
    • 0...10V analog inputs for DC version
    • Version: modular for mounting on 35mm DIN rail (IEC/EN 60715) or M4x15mm screw fixing
    • Type of terminal: Screw
    • IEC degree of protection: IP20
SkuSupply VoltageOperating Range
LRDKIT10RA240100~240 Vac85~265 Vac
LRDKIT12RA02424 Vac20.4~28.8 Vac
LRDKIT12RD02424 Vdc20.4~28.8 Vdc