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NA003-M64 Grid and System Protection Relay by Tele Haase

Manufacturer: Tele Haase
SKU: NA003-M64
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
FunctionalityOvervoltage, Undervoltage, Overfrequency, Underfrequency, Phase Shift
Contact3PDT, 3CO
Input400 Vac 3Φ
CommunicationModbus, RS485
Supply Voltage24 Vdc, 110~230 Vac


Tele Haase NA003-M64 Grid and System Protection Relay measures grid voltage frequency with 1-2 tie switches that ensure the actual disconnection from the main

  • Functional Description
    • Depending on the configuration selected, the device can handle several monitoring functions at the same time
    • After exceeding a threshold value, the device switches off after a response-delay that is defined especially for each threshold value
    • When the test function or the remote shutdown is activated, the device switches off immediately
    • Only once all monitored parameters are within the permissible limits and the remote shutdown deactivated does the device switch back on after a defined turn-on time
    • If not specified otherwise, the nominal voltage is 230 V / 400 V and the nominal frequency 50 Hz
  • Features
    • Simple implementation through pre-defined setups for country-specific standards and guidelines with parameters that can be set within a wide range
    • Wide nominal voltage and nominal frequency range, configurable nominal voltage
    • Additional "Open setup" for free, practically unlimited parametrization in the field
    • Single-fault tolerance
    • Cyclical self-test
    • Monitoring of the connected section switch
    • Remote shutdown
    • Loss of mains detection (RoCoF, PShift, phase voltage)
    • Test function with the determination of the turn-off time
    • Monitoring of 1- and 3- phase grids for low and medium voltage grids
    • Error memory with a timestamp (50 entries)
    • Password protection and ability to seal
    • Random turn-off thresholds and turn-on times for non-controllable energy producers (e.g. CHP)
    • NA003.COM-M64 version I
      • Status: Available
      • Item Number: 2700100I
      • Serie: RE - EAN: 9008662017444
      • Modbus RTU with RS485

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