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P-4.0/RL/OL 3(2)PH Motor Starter P4.0/RL/OL,4kW@400VAC by Tele Haase

Manufacturer: Tele Haase
SKU: P-4.0/RL/OL
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
FunctionalitySoftstart, Softstop, Motor protection (option /TP / IC), Phase Failure, Motor current protection (option /OL), Motor connection (option /TP / IC), Rotation Direction Control Inputs
Supply Voltage24 Vdc
Input Rating (V)200~480 Vac
LEDGreen, Red, Blue


The smart motorstarter function is a softstart, reversal and protection of 3-phase asynchronous motors. Overcurrent is detected when the set current is exceeded longer than 2 sec. Direction reversal takes place via relay switching. The relays are de-energised at this. This ensures a long service life.


  • Soft starter
  • Compact design
  • 3 x 200-480V AC
  • 9A load current
  • 1...10s start / stop ramp
  • Forward / reverse
  • Control input R, L
  • Without mains isolating
  • With overcurrent protection
  • 5-50A blocking current
  • No partitioning gate
  • Signal relay ON if status is OK

Your Advantages

  • Up to 6 functions in one unit
    • Reversing anticlockwise
    • Reversing clockwise
    • Softstart
    • Softstop
    • Current monitoring or motor protection (optional)
    • Galvanic separation via forcibly guided contacts with contact distance min. 0.5 mm (optional)
  • 80 % less space
  • Simple and time-saving commissioning as well as user-friendly operation through setting via potentiometers on absolute scales
  • Blocking protection
  • Hybrid relay combines benefits of relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technology
  • High availablility by
    • Temperature monitoring of semiconductors
    • High withstand voltage up to 1500 V
    • Load free relay reversing function


  • Reversing operation for door and gate controls, bridge drives and lifting applications with monitoring of blockage
  • Conveyor systems with monitoring of blockage
  • Actuating drives in process controls with blockage monitoring

Motor current protection (option /OL)

  • To ensure blocking protection is in place, the motor current is monitoredin T3
  • The switching threshold can be adjusted via potentiometer Imax
  • In the event of overcurrent, the power semiconductors deactivate and the signal relay for normal operation is reset
  • The red “ERR” LED flashes code 5
  • This status is stored
  • The fault can be acknowledged by switching the auxiliary voltage off / on, operating the reset button or selecting the reset control input
  • Models
    • P-4.0/RL/OL
      • Motor current protection
      • 5-50A blocking current
      • No partioning gate
    • P-4.0/RL/TP/IC
      • Motor protection
      • Motor connection
      • 1.6-9A overload current
      • Internal partiotioning gate