AcuPanel-9104X by AccuEnergy

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Categories Power Meters, CT/Meter Connectors & Accessories
Manufacturer/Brand AccuEnergy
Series AcuPanel-9104
Safety Approvals UL Listed
Width (in) 7.88
Depth (in) 7.343
Height (in) 11.81
Weight (lbs) 2.0


Accuenergy’s AcuPanel 9100 series pre-wired panel enclosure provides a complete plug n’ play energy metering solution.

  • Designed for Acuvim II and Acuvim-L series multifunction power and energy meters, AcuPanel eliminates both time-consuming and costly design and installation
  • With simple mounting and wiring, you will have a complete metering solution right next to your switchgear
  • AcuPanel provides a perfect solution for retrofit projects where metering space is not pre-designed in electrical distribution panel. The factory pre-wired meter and enclosure will greatly save the cost for parts and labor with minimized installation time
  • Moreover, frustrating wiring errors which lead to serious false data will be eliminated to create a seamless process from installation to power and energy monitoring
  • The factory pre-wired meter enclosure comes in two options: NEMA4 (Indoor) steel enclosure and waterproof plastic NEMA 4X (Outdoor). These two options ensure the viable solutions for all installing environment
    • Standard pre-wired enclosure includes
    • Terminal blocks for current transformer input
    • Shorting block for current transformer
    • Terminals blocks for voltage input
    • 3 Industrial-grade fuses
  • Inside the locking door of the AcuPanel are factory-assembled fuses and terminal blocks clearly labeled for a quick and effortless connection
  • At the bottom of the AcuPanel sits two pluggable pre-cut holes that allow for wires to be fed through the panel to the circuit blocks without any additional modifications being needed



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