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PM-BUNDLE-E1000 by Accuenergy

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Categories Meter & CT Enclosure Kits
Manufacturer/Brand Accuenergy
Series AcuCT-H
Power Type AC
Shape/Style Flexible/Rope Coil
Input Type AC
Housing Material Polycarbonate
Non-Stock Lead Time 1-2 Bus. Days
Width (in) 7.50
Depth (in) 4.75
Height (in) 8.00
Weight (lbs) 6.00


Simplify your work by choosing the AcuCT 1.38-inch power monitoring economy bundle from Aim Dynamics

  • We’ve chosen compatible products to provide you with a complete metering solution
  • Our economy bundles include everything you need to start power monitoring at an affordable price
  • One NEMA 4X (IP66/IP67) 6”x6”x4” enclosure with DIN rail pre-installed for easy use
    • NEMA 4X
    • Polycarbonate
    • Indoor or outdoor usage
    • Tamper resistant
    • Transparent cover makes for easy reading of meter data
  • One AcuRev-1312 power meter
    • Measuring from 10V to 400V L-N 690V L-L, The AcuRev-1312 is compatible with most voltage ratings without a Potential Transformer
    • It is designed to automatically check for the most common wiring mistakes such as CT polarity and voltage and current phase alignment
    • It supports all electrical system configurations, including 3P3W, 3P4W, and more
    • Features
      • Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy
      • Tracking of active, reactive, and apparent energy as well as active, reactive, and apparent power
      • An LCD display to simplify local reading of meter data
      • Auto phase-check
      • RS-485 port built-in supporting Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP
      • Tamper-proof design approved for revenue applications
      • Ability to automatically adapt to 50 Hz and 60 Hz system without compromising accuracy
  • These bundles includes three UL-recognized CTs or Rogowski Coils from AccuEnergy
  • You can choose from one of four sizes of CTs with a safe 333mV output or the flexible AccuEnergy Rogowski coils
  • Both the hinged split-core CTs and the flexible Rogowski coils are easy to install and have a high level of accuracy
  • Power Monitoring Economy Pack Bundles
    • AcuCT 0.40-inch inner width
    • AcuCT 0.63-inch inner width
    • AcuCT 1.0-inch inner width
    • AcuCT 1.38-inch inner width
    • AcuEnergy RCT16-1000 Rogowski coil



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