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RIK-V-3 3 Phase 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc (field selectable) Output Kit by Accuenergy

Manufacturer: Accuenergy
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Non-Stock Lead Time: 4 Weeks
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 2.5~60000
Output5 Vdc, 10 Vdc
Shape/StyleFlexible/Rope Coil
Supply Voltage24 Vdc
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)4 in (102 mm), 7 in (178 mm), 11 in (279 mm), 14.5 in (369 mm)
# of Inputs3
User Manual


The Accuenergy -mA-, -333mV-, and -V- Rogowski Integrator Kits (RIK) provides users with an easy-to-install, plug-n-play solution to be used with any power meters or equipment with a V nominal current transformer input. They are available as single-phase or three-phase kits.

  • The RIK-V-3 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc (field selectable) Output Three Phase Rogowski Integrator will allow the installation of 3 Rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications where space constraints may limit the use of other current transformers
  • Rogowski coil current sensors (not included - need to purchase separately)*
  • RIK integrated power supply (not included - need to purchase separately)*
  • Features
    • Flexible rope-like current sensor, designed to easily fit into panels or busbars where space may be limited
    • 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc output that works with any analog input controller or integrator
    • Also has 4th sum channel to output total current from three channels
    • Current sensing ranges from 2.5A to 60,000A to fit all systems
    • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel and it works in any three phase application with different current ratings
    • Works in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
    • 8.3 mm thick coils have temperature compensation built-in.
    • *Power Supply and Rogowski coil need to be purchased separately
    • Mean Well MDR-60-24 Power Supply is comparable to AcuLink-RIK-PSU


Integrator’s Current Range Settings
Primary Input (A) (field-selectable)Sensing Range (A)
5002.5 to 600 
10005 to 1200 
250012.5 to 3000 
500025 to 6000 
1000050 to 12000 
25000125 to 30000 
50000250 to 60000 


Aim Dynamics ATR-120M CoilsInput Rating (A)Opening (in)
ATR-120MV-04   8.3 mm thick1000004
ATR-120MV-07   8.3 mm thick1000007
ATR-120MV-11   8.3 mm thick10000011


Accuenergy Rogowski CoilsInput Rating (A)Opening (in)
RCT16-1000   15.5 mm thick10004
RCT24-1000   15.5 mm thick10007
RCT36-1000   15.5 mm thick100011
RCT47-1000   15.5 mm thick100014.5


Part NumberRogowski Coil