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Wire Leads

Aim Dynamics offers extended lead lengths on almost all the sensors we sell. Often our customers require leads longer than the standard lengths offered by the factory. In those cases we offer various options to meet those needs.

On our website you can choose from the following connection options

• Quick Connector (QC)


• Weatherproof Connection (WC)


• Regular lengths (These are used with screw connection terminals)
• Factory built leads (F)

To minimize lead times, and get customers their orders with the lead length they require, we offer a variety of lead wire style, length and connection options.

Our quickest option are leads that use a Quick Connect (QC) option.

With its easy to use spring loaded orange clamps, the QC connector readily accepts existing lead wires on a sensor. The other side allows for connection to wires from any device, or additional wires to travel longer distances. This provides an ideal connection for industrial and commercial indoor wiring.

For your outdoor electrical applications, we here at Aim Dynamics provide a waterproof option as well. By applying a solder sleeve to each wire, this waterproofs your lead, and reduces lead times by allowing the leads to be lengthened in house by our team.

To further aid in both waterproofing and wire protection, we use heat shrink tubing to cover the exposed area.

For CTs built with screw terminals, we sell lengths of lead wire with ferruled ends, our leads remain compliant with industry standards.

Aim Dynamics offers lengths of 8 foot, 12 foot, or 20 foot lengths providing a variety of length options that should meet the needs of any project. In addition, we offer three different types of wires to work best with the sensors for your particular project.

Lastly, we offer the ability to have longer leads built in the factory to meet any need, but this adds considerably to the lead time for any orders we receive.

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