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4DS 5 Vdc Output AC Current Transducer by Sentran

Manufacturer: Sentran

8-FT-LEADS-22AWG are (Standard)
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Non-Stock Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500
Output5 Vdc
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)0.5 in (13 mm), 0.75 in (19 mm), 1 in (25 mm), 1.5 in (38 mm)
# of Inputs1


Sentran Model 4DS-xxA:5VDC-xx is a 600 Vac rated AC current to DC voltage transducer

  • The AC input current through the current transducer window is rectified and filtered to obtain a DC output
  • There are 13 standard sizes are available, but custom made-to-order are always available to fit special applications
  • Since internal passive rectifiers are used in the 4DS (no internal power supply), conversion to DC is true RMS AC sine waves only
  • The output voltage is set to 2.5 Vdc at full-scale input
  • Also, it is meant to be connected to high impedance
  • There is a trade-off between ripple and response time
  • Specifications
    • Input Current: 1500AC current max, sine wave, single phase 50/60/400Hz
    • Voltage Rating: 600VAC, tested with 2.5kVDC for 60 seconds
    • Output Voltage: 2.5VDC at Full Range. True RMS Conversion for AC sine waves only
    • Ratio and Linearity Accuracy
      • +/- 1% from 10% to 100%
      • +/- 3% at 5% of Full Scale
      • +/- 5% at 2% of Full Scale
    • Response Time: Approximately 500 milliseconds from 10% to 90% of amplitude for CT’s over 100A
    • Output Resistance: 100 to 3,500Ω, depending on current rating
    • Interface Resistance: 100kΩ minimum. Other instrument impedances can be interfaced on special order
Part No.Input Rating (A)Opening
4DS-10A:5VDC-0.5x0.5100.5 in
4DS-25A:5VDC-0.5x0.5250.5 in
4DS-50A:5Vdc-0.5x0.5(1%)500.5 in
4DS-50A:5VDC-0.75x0.75500.75 in
4DS-50A:5VDC-1.5x1.5501.5 in
4DS-100A:5VDC-1x1(1%)1001 in
4DS-100A:5VDC-1.5x1.51001.5 in
4DS-250A:5VDC-1x12501 in
4DS-500A:5VDC-1.5x1.55001.5 in

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