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AIMH021-420 Series Hall Effect Current Transducers 4~20 mA Output by Aim Dynamics

Manufacturer: Aim Dynamics
SKU: AIMH021-420

1 Foot Leads Standard

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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input TypeDC
DirectionBi-directional, Uni-directional
Input Rating (A)25, 50, 100, 200
Output4~20 mA
Opening (greatest dim.)0.83 in (21 mm)
Error %1
Supply Voltage12 Vdc, ±15 Vdc


AIMH021 Hall Effect Current Sensors measure up to 1000 Adc and output a corresponding 4-20mA  signal

  • The AIMH021 Hall Effect Sensor has a 21mm opening and has been factory calibrated so that there is no offset noise voltage to compensate for
  • The AIMH021 is powered by a 12 or ±15 Vdc power supply (max consumption 35mA)
  • The AIMH021 is 1% accurate
SKUInput (A)DirectionSupply Power
AIMH021-025A-42025Uni-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-025A-420B25Bi-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-025A-420T25Uni-Directional12 Vdc
AIMH021-050A-42050Uni-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-050A-420B50Bi-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-050A-420T50Uni-Directional12 Vdc
AIMH021-100A-420100Uni-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-100A-420B100Bi-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-100A-420T100Uni-Directional12 Vdc
AIMH021-200A-420200Uni-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-200A-420B200Bi-directional±15 Vdc
AIMH021-200A-420T200Uni-Directional12 Vdc