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BACnet meters are the key to a successful building automation system

Building automation is one way that corporations are not only saving money when it comes to operating their various facilities, but reducing their carbon footprints. So, how does building automation help companies save money by reducing energy consumption? The key lies in the use of BACnet.

BACnet is an acronym that stands of Building Automation and Control Networks. BACnet is the backbone that connects all of the various building automation processes together and feeds all of the information from various sensors back to a central control panel where adjustments can be made to better control energy consumption. Here’s how it works:

In order to provide better control over certain facility functions like climate control, ventilation, lighting and even building access, larger facilities will install systems that use computers and software to control when they turn on and off. For example, the heating (or air conditioning) can be set to turn on in a certain area when the sensor reaches a certain temperature or can be set to maintain a set temperature when people are present, based on a time and day setting and a different one when they aren’t. Lights can be controlled either by setting a specific time of day that they should be on or by using motion sensors to detect when someone is in the room. In order for all of this to work, each system is equipped with a multitude of sensors to continuously measure the conditions inside the room. When conditions reach a threshold where the control software has been set to perform a specific action, the software will recognize that data coming from the various sensors and then send back a corresponding message to the device that needs to be activated. The system is then deactivated through a process known as negative feedback, meaning that when the conditions that triggered the action no longer exist, the system will then shutdown and wait for further instructions.

For all of this to operate seamlessly, the entire system needs an advanced communication pathway that allows the various sensors and the control panel to be in constant contact with each other. This is the basis for BACnet. The basis of BACnet lies in the transmission of very specific data in order to identify which system’s sensors are sending information and which system is activated when the proper conditions exist. While the basics of a solid building automation system simply uses a system of defined parameters to control how certain systems behave, more intelligent automation systems allow the various components to actually interact with each other as well as the control panel in order to create superior control of energy consumption.

BACnet meters are devices that are used throughout the system and are designed to monitor the current and flow of information through the system. Without BACnet meters, it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint where potential problems may lie. Aim Dynamics is a leading provider of quality BACnet meters that are designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your building automation system and can be installed quickly and easily in a variety of construction conditions.

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