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DC Voltage Output CT Comparison

If you need an Adc to Vdc transducer, you’ll want to compare the Magnelab DCT series and the Sentran Corp 4DS series.  To help you do this, consider the following chart:

*May be customized. As response time decreases, ripple increases, and vice versa

As you’ll see from the chart above, the Sentran 4DS can be optimized for specific applications where you need a faster response time, less ripple, specific output impedance, etc.  On the other hand, the DCT series is stocked at Aim Dynamics and can typically ship same-day.  As for Sentran Corp, we stock the 4DS-250A/5Vdc (1″x 1″) and the 4DS-500A/5Vdc (1.5″x 1.5″); other options will typically have a 2 week lead time.

The DCT series are hinged split-core CTs as you can see in this picture.  Note that it does not come with lead wires attached.

The Sentran 4DS looks more like a typical CT. It comes with 6′ of red/black twisted pair wiring (customization available).  The 4DS is heavier than the Magnelab DCT, on average.

In conclusion, if accuracy isn’t as important and price is most important, you should probably go with the Magnelab DCT.  On the other hand, if accuracy and meeting specs is most important, look at the Sentran 4DS.

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