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E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC Pink Ribbon Timer Relay

The E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC Pink Ribbon Timer Relay is a versatile, high-performance timing relay designed by Tele Haase. 

As an official partner, we support the Pink Ribbon campaign for Austrian Cancer Aid.

This year, we are part of the Pink Ribbon campaign in Austria, and therefore, we have redesigned a TELE product highlight. The limited “Pink Ribbon Edition” of our ENYA timing relay E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC, specially designed for the Pink Ribbon initiative, is now available. The pink timing relay is available via the TELE website, and 60% of the proceeds from the revenue of these products will be donated to the Austrian Cancer Aid to support those affected.

Functional Capabilities

  1. ON Delay: The activation of the relay is delayed after the power is applied.
  2. OFF Delay: Keeps the relay on for a set period after removing the power.
  3. Single Shot Leading Edge: Activates the relay for a single pulse when the power is applied.
  4. Single Shot Trailing Edge: Activates the relay for a single pulse when the power is removed.
  5. Flasher Pause First: Alternates between on and off states, starting with a pause.
  6. Flasher Pulse First: Alternates between on and off states, starting with a pulse.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage Range: 12-240V AC/DC, providing flexibility for various power sources.
  • Contact Configuration: SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw), allowing one input to switch between two outputs.
  • Maximum Contact Load: 6A/250V AC, suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Physical Characteristics

  • Width: 17.5 mm, designed to save space in control panels.
  • LED Indicators: Green for power status and yellow for output status, providing clear visual feedback.

Installation and Usage

The E1ZM10 time relay is designed for easy installation and integration into existing systems. It can be mounted on a DIN rail and requires minimal wiring. The adjustable time ranges and functions are set via front-facing dials, allowing for precise control and customization.

Benefits of Using E1ZM10

  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including automation, lighting control, and motor management.
  • Reliability: Built to Tele Haase's high standards, ensuring long-term performance and durability.
  • Awareness Support: Purchasing this relay contributes to breast cancer awareness and supports the Austrian Cancer Aid initiative.

Customer Support and Warranty

Tele Haase offers comprehensive customer support for the E1ZM10 Pink Ribbon Timer Relay, including technical assistance and troubleshooting. The product has a standard warranty, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Additional FAQs

Is the E1ZM10 Pink Ribbon Timer Relay suitable for outdoor use?

It is primarily designed for indoor use, but it can be used in protected outdoor environments with proper housing.

How do I adjust the timing functions?

Timing functions can be adjusted using the front-facing dials, which allow for precise setting of the desired time range and function.

What is the expected lifespan of the relay?

The relay is designed for long-term use, with an expected lifespan of over 100,000 operations under normal conditions.

Does the relay have any certifications?

It meets various international standards and certifications, ensuring safety and reliability in diverse applications.

How can I purchase the E1ZM10 Pink Ribbon Timer Relay?

You can purchase the relay directly from Aim Dynamics.

Enhance your control systems and support a noble cause with the E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC Pink Ribbon Timer Relay. 

Order now from Aim Dynamics to ensure precise control and contribute to breast cancer awareness.

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