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New Website Launches

Aim Dynamics launched its new website last Wednesday. The new website, in addition to a more professional look and feel, is designed to help users find current sensors and current transducers more easily. The new site features a left-hand navigation menu that will guide users in the selection of their CT by selecting an input and corresponding output before browsing the products we sell. We believe that this new interface will help users avoid selecting the wrong CT, and provide an efficient way for them to find the products that suit their needs.

In addition, we provide the ability to browse our product selection by style, i.e. by flexible CTs, split-core CTs and by solid-core CTs. This can be done after first selecting the input/output desired (using the left-hand navigation menu) or by choosing the “Product Style” option from the top menu navigation bar (in which case you don’t select an input/output first).