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Power Line Repair Safety Tips: Using a Reliable DC Current Transformer

As much as electricity has been a true boon for mankind, it is equally dangerous when it isn’t harnessed properly. This is why many people’s hearts skip a beat when they see a downed power line blocking their path. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in Portland, Oregon recently. An article from KATU provides more information:

Interstate 84 was closed in both directions late Tuesday morning at N.E. 125th Ave., but reopened around 10:45 after an ODOT truck in the eastbound lanes pulled down some utility power lines, ODOT said.

The lines crossed the westbound and eastbound lanes of the highway.

ODOT says its truck was cleaning out drains along I-84 and the medians when it pulled down the power lines. The agency says it will investigate what happened to see if training procedures need to be updated.

When repairing a downed power line, safety should always be your priority. Never forget that safety is the whole reason why you are repairing the downed line in the first place. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help keep you safe:

Keep Your Hand to Yourself

If possible, only use one hand when working. Keep your free hand away from any conductive surfaces; preferably, keep your free hand in your pocket. Doing so significantly reduces the chances of electricity passing through the chest cavity.

Lose the Accessories

Metals conduct electricity; that’s Science 101. Minimize your risk of electrocution and take off your watch and any rings before working with power lines. In relation to this, you may want to bring a pencil with you instead of a pen, especially if you’re the type who likes to point at sections with a writing instrument.

Inspect Your Equipment

Before any job, test your equipment. Malfunctioning electrical equipment is a massive electrocution risk. With that in mind, be sure to inspect your equipment carefully for peeling wiring and other forms of damage, particularly equipment you use often such as your reliable DC current transformer.

If you feel a tingling sensation when working with a piece of equipment, stop working immediately and ask for replacement equipment. In the event that you need to purchase a new DC voltage transducer or any other piece of equipment, be sure to deal only with reputable suppliers like Aim Dynamics. This assures you that you’ll be receiving both quality equipment and quality service.

(Source: Expect closures tonight on I-84; power lines need to be fixed after crash;; July 8, 2014)