AIMH040 VT Unidirectional Hall Effect DC Sensor with +12Vdc power supply by Aim Dynamics

Product Description

The AIMH040 VT unidirectional Hall effect DC sensor measures up to ± 1000Adc and outputs a corresponding + 5Vdc signal.

If you are looking for a similar product with a smaller window opening and lower amperage rating, look at our AIMH021 VT Model.  You may also be interested in our standard AIMH021 and standard AIMH040 that can be used to also monitor AC amperage (but require +/- 15 Vdc).

The AIMH040 VT Hall effect sensor has a 40mm opening and has been factory calibrated so that there is no offset noise voltage to compensate for.  The AIMH040 VT is powered by a +12 Vdc power supply (max consumption 35mA).  The AIMH040 VT is 1% accurate.


• Input: 500A, 800A or 1000A (DC)
• Output: + 0-5 Vdc
• +/- 1% accuracy
• Unidirectional input
• Operating temperature range:-10°C to 85°C
• +12 Vdc power supply required. Max consumption=30mA
• No offset to worry about

Data Sheet

AIMH040 VT Spec Sheet

Additional information

Amp Rating / Output

500A -> +5Vdc (in stock), 800A -> +5Vdc (in stock), 1000A -> +5Vdc (in stock)