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Rogowski Coils vs. Current Transformers

Rogowski coils are a type of current sensor used to measure electrical current in an AC circuit. They work by wrapping a flexible, continuous, and non-magnetic conductor around the conductor carrying the current to be measured. The coil generates a voltage proportional to the current flowing through the conductor, which can then be measured and processed to determine the current.

Compared to traditional current transformers, Rogowski coils have several advantages:

  1. Rogowski coils have a wider measurement range and can measure a larger range of current levels without saturating.
  2. They can be used in a wide range of AC frequencies and are not limited to a specific frequency range like traditional CTs.
  3. Rogowski coils are more flexible and can be used in tight spaces or around irregularly shaped conductors.
  4. They have a lower burden on the circuit being measured, causing less power loss.

However, Rogowski coils also have some disadvantages:

  1. They are more complex to use and require an external integrator to process the voltage signal into a current measurement.
  2. They are more expensive than traditional CTs.
  3. They can have higher measurement errors compared to traditional CTs in certain applications.

In conclusion, Rogowski coils offer improved measurement capabilities compared to traditional CTs, but their added complexity and cost need to be considered when selecting a current measurement solution.

Aim Dynamics manufactures and distributes many Rogowski coils with and without external integrators.