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Rotation­ Direction­ Monitoring for Heat Pumps

Rotation­ Direction­ Monitoring for Heat Pumps This week we are continuing to look at different applications of Aim Dynamics’ products with a post from TELE Haase about monitoring rotation direction in heat pumps.

It is important to protect heat pumps against rotation in the wrong direction. If the phase sequence is incorrect, the pump must not be switched on. Similarly, if a phase fails during operation, the heat pump should switch off and a fault should be indicated. A voltage monitor can be used to monitor the phase sequence and phase failure. If the heat pump is connected incorrectly or if the sequence of phases changes during operation, the voltage monitor prevents the heat pump from switching on or disconnects it from the power supply. By monitoring the asymmetry, the monitor detects the failure of a phase and protects the heat pump against possible damage. Even when reverse voltage is generated the motor continues to run on two phases. Voltage monitors can prevent damage to the heat pump by reliable detection and shutdown in the event of incorrect rotation direction or a phase failure.

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