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SCT-1250-000 Ratio Based Current Transformer by Magnelab

Manufacturer: Magnelab
SKU: SCT-1250-000

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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)800
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)1.25 in (32 mm)


Magnelab’s SCT-1250-000 Split Core current sensor transforms an AC input current up to 800 Amps with a ratio-based output (7500:1).

  • The SCT-1250 is a Split Core CT with a 1.25″ opening
  • It has no hinges to break, making it durable
  • Its unique opening mechanism has a self-locking mechanism and allows for easy installation around conductors
  • This makes retrofitting existing installations simple
  • Frequent Applications
    • Data logging
    • Recording
    • Power monitoring
    • Energy management
    • Cost allocation
  • Why the SCT-1250 split core CT?
    • The SCT-1250, like other split core CTs, is used to determine the current (measured in Amps) passing through a conductor (wire, bus bar, etc)
    • This is needed, along with the voltage, to determine the amount of power being used (measured in kW)
    • As with most of Magnelab’s standard accuracy CTs, the SCT-1250 is 1% accurate when operating from 10% to 130% of the rated input current
    • For example, given a 120A circuit breaker, the SCT-1250-100 would work well, because it will maintain its accuracy up to 130A (130% of the rated input)
    • The SCT-1250 has 7500 turns
    • If you purchase the unburdened option, you will see 13.33 mA on the secondary for every 100A on the primary.