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Why Your Company Needs Accurate Power Monitoring

The power usage of major businesses is often high and the accompanying expense is equally astronomical. Having accurate data on how much electricity is consumed can give you ideas on how to create opportunities for savings. Here’s just a few examples of how power monitoring systems can help improve a company’s bottom line:

  • Data centers want a thorough idea of how much power is flowing through their system. This is mostly because too much current can disrupt the sensitive IT equipment that they use. As it is, heavy current can shorten the operating life of such devices.
  • Industrial companies which use a lot of high-power equipment also need to be aware of their power usage. Real-time updates can show fluctuations in power use, which may serve as a warning for an emerging problem, and help in resolving the issue before the damage becomes extensive.
  • Overheating is a legitimate concern in electrical equipment. Transformers and conductors exposed to high-voltage currents can quickly heat up, and can become fire hazards.

Proper power monitoring can be done by installing either split core current transformers or flexible current transformers at key points in a facility’s electrical system. These tools then send info on current usage to a central monitoring system, so that any problem areas can be easily detected.