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ADXL Soft Starter by Lovato

Manufacturer: Lovato
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Supply Voltage100~240 Vac
Input Rating (V)208~600 Vac
Input Rating (A)18, 30, 45, 60, 75, 85, 115, 135, 162, 195, 250, 320
ContactSPDT, 1CO, 2NO
CommunicationRS485 Optional


Lovato's new series of ADXL soft starters allow control of the start and stop of three-phase asynchronous motors on two-phases with built-in bypass

  • ADXLs are equipped with a backlit display with icons and NFC technology, for a simple configuration, possible also from smartphones and tablets
  • ADXLs are ideal for simple "plug and play" applications, thanks to the installation wizard, and for high-performance applications, with control and protection during the motor start-up and operation
  • The ADXLs include protection features for the starter and motor, and it’s possible to enable specific alarms to signal maintenance needs, such as the number of startups performed or the operation hours of the motor
  • It has the following main features
    • Backlit LCD display
    • Texts available in 6 languages (ENG-ITA-FR-ES-POR-DE)
    • IEC rated starter current Ie from 18 to 320 A
    • Rated motor current selectable from 50 to 100% of rated starter current
    • Rated motor power 7.5...160kW (400 Vac) and 15...300HP (600 Vac)
    • Voltage ramp startup
    • Torque control
    • Kick start
    • Limited maximum starting current
    • Free wheel or controlled stop
    • Built-in bypass relay
    • Optical port for programming data download and diagnostics through the software and APP
    • NFC technology for parameter programming through the APP
    • Optional RS485 communication
    • Modbus-RTU and Modbus-ASCII communication protocols with optional RS485 card
    • Supervision and energy management software
  • Operational characteristics
    • Two phase control
    • Input voltage: 208...600 Vac ±10%
    • Network frequency 50 or 60Hz ±10% self-configurable
    • 100 - 240 Vac auxiliary power supply
    • Signalling LED: power supply, startup or bypass phase, alarm
    • Three programmable outputs
      • 1 changeover contact (SPDT)
      • 2 normally open contacts (2SPST)
    • 2 programmable digital inputs
    • 1 programmable digital input, that can be used as PTC
    • Protection rating: IP00
    • Number of starts per hour: see page 5-18
  • Displayed measures
    • Maximum current
    • L1 current
    • L2 current
    • L3 current
    • %-torque
    • Average line voltage
    • Total active power
    • Total PF
    • Motor thermal status
    • Starter temperature
  • Protections
    • Motor
      • Separate starting and running overload class settings thermal protection
      • PTC protection
      • Locked rotor
      • Current asymmetry
      • Startup too long
      • Minimum torque
    • Power supply
      • No power supply
      • Phase loss
      • Wrong phase sequence and out-of-range frequency
    • Starter
      • Overtemperature
      • Overcurrent
      • SCR fault
      • Bypass relay fault
      • Temperature sensor fault and fan fault
  • ADXL models ending with UL include terminal kits
    • 0135600UL includes EXA01, EXA02
    • 0162600UL includes EXA01, EXA02
    • 0195600UL includes EXA01, EXA02
    • 0250600UL includes EXA03, EXA04
    • 0320600UL includes EXA03, EXA04
SkuRated starter current