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ADXNP Soft Starter Advanced Version by Lovato

Manufacturer: Lovato
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Supply Voltage100~240 Vac, 24 Vac, 24 Vdc
Input Rating (V)208~600 Vac
Input Rating (A)6, 12, 18, 25, 30, 38, 45
CommunicationNFC (Near Field Communication), RS485 Optional


General characteristics
ADXN... is a soft starter with two phase control for the gradual control of the start and stop of asynchronous motors

  • Its main strengths are the simplicity of configuration, thanks to a short set of parameters which allows the  programming simple and fast, and the compactness, thanks to the enclosure only 45mm wide which makes it suitable for the installation in panels with limited spaces
  • It can be used for several applications such as the control of pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts and mixers
  • It is available with rated current from 6 to 45A, suitable for the installation in systems with rated line voltage from 208 to 600VAC 50/60Hz
  • The series consists of 3 versions which differs in the type of programming mode (settings with potentiometers on front or via smartphone with NFC technology and App) and integrated functions
  • Every version is available in double variant with auxiliary supply voltage 24VAC/DC or 100...240VAC to suit every need based on the voltage present in the plant

The soft starter ADXNP provides the motor electronic current thermal protection, obtained thanks to the presence of
integrated current transformers, which allow the motor protection against overload and the management of starting
ramps with current limiting, which are automatically adapted to follow the load variations

  • It is provided with both potentiometers on front for the setting of the basic parameters and NFC connectivity and optical port for the programming of the advanced parameters through the LOVATO App
  • ADXNP can also be equipped with an optional RS485 communication module in order to be integrated in a
    supervision network
  • The general characteristics are the following
    • Built-in bypass relay
    • Integrated electronic thermal protection of the motor, with double class (starting and running) configurable
    • Programming of basic parameters with potentiometers on front (which can be disabled via NFC if preferable)
      • Starting voltage
      • Acceleration ramp
      • Deceleration ramp
    • Programming of advanced parameters (rated motor current, starting current limit, tripping thermal class,
      protection thresholds, communication parameters, password, relay outputs function and alarm properties)
      with smartphone with NFC technology and LOVATO App, available for Android and iOS smart devices, freely
      downloadable from Google Play Store and App Store
    • Voltage ramp startup with current limiting
    • Free wheel or controlled stop
    • Integrated overtemperature protection
    • 2 built-in relay outputs with normally open NO contact with programmable function line contactor control (Run), TOR (Top Of Ramp), alarm and maximum torque
    • Optical port on front for the connection of USB (CX01) or Wi-Fi (CX02) devices for programming, data download and diagnostic from PC with software or smart devices with LOVATO App, freely downloadable
      from Google Play Store and App Store
    • Optional RS485 module (CX04), Modbus-RTU protocol
    • Suitable for the control of pumps, fans, blowers, conveyor belts, compressors mixers and general purpose
SkuSupply VoltageRated starter current