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Aim Dynamics Now Offers Power Meters from eGauge

Aim Dynamics is now offering eGauge power meters, which measure electric power and, depending on how many registers you select, are capable of recording up to 30 years’ worth of data within their internal memory.

The eGauge is outfitted with a solid state memory, data logger, and a webserver as part of a single device. It contains three voltage input channels which allows it to monitor single-phase systems and three-phase systems. Additionally, it also contains 12 current input channels which enable it to monitor 12 single-phase loads, four three-phase loads, and any combination of both. The eGauge is able to record and display power factor, voltage, voltage per phase, amperage, amperage per phase, frequency, kVa, kW, and kVAr along with any mix of these.

This device is highly suitable for monitoring total building demand, renewable energy generation, circuit-level load demand, subpanel demand, and individual appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration. The unit is designed for commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal use. Furthermore, you can access the eGauge’s built-in webserver and its real-time and historical data using any LAN-connected computer, tablet, smart phone, or even remotely over the internet via its device’s webpage.