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Important Safety Measures for Working with Electricity

When working with electricity, safety can never be stressed enough. You’ve probably already been advised to perform the following safety measures when you went through training with your company. However, there is nothing wrong with taking a quick refresher course. With that in mind, here are safety measures to always remember when working with electricity:

Stay Grounded

When using current transducers or transformers, make sure that the secondary is always connected to its load as long as the transducer is attached to a live cable. Disconnecting the secondary prematurely can result in arcing, or worse, direct electrocution.

Check Humidity Levels

Typically, air is a poor conductor of electricity, but it’s a different story when the weather becomes humid and there is a large source of electricity in the area. Always be aware of the humidity level in your area on any given day. If the humidity is high, take the necessary precautions as indicated by your company’s guidelines.

Fence In Live Wires

As long as there is an electric current—even a miniscule voltage—running through a cable, it poses an electrocution risk. Keep bystanders safe by fencing in any live wires and putting up warning signs. Never leave your worksite unattended to make sure no one can get near the cables.