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Monitoring the AC Current of the Power Supply of a Fusing Machine

This week our guest post is from René Ariyama Cantu, who worked with GST Autoleather on a project that involved monitoring AC current. Read more about René’s experience below.

Current Transformers (Current Sensors) allow us to monitor the behavior of the electric current of any electrical system.

For our project, we used a DCT-0016-100 by Magnelab to measure the current in the system of a fusing machine, which is used to join pieces of leather with foam.

We originally started with a different brand of current transformer, but it showed a deficiency in its performance. We deduced that the device was affected by waves that were around a certain distance, which meant that the product was not designed to be used professionally.

So we proceeded to look for other options on the market. Fortunately, we found Aim Dynamics and their products. Among Aim Dynamics’ products, we found the DCT-0016-100 by Magnelab. This was specifically what we were looking for and had all the features that were needed. We tested the product; the installation, connection, and performance were excellent.

The sensor was used with an embedded system so the maximum voltage output at 100 A was intended to be 5v.

In our project, we used three sensors with the three-phase machine supply as shown below:

The data obtained from the CT sensors were then recorded and mapped on a data platform. As shown in the following pictures:

If you have any questions about this project, you can contact René at

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