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New Product Line: Tele Haase

We are happy to announce that Aim Dynamics will begin carrying a new line of UL products made by Tele Haase. Tele Haase specializes making timing relays, monitoring relays, load monitors and other switching relays.

Timing Relays
Timing Relays can make system and machine operation more efficient. They turn equipment on or off based on a timer, ensuring your production process is never thrown off rhythm, which helps you save money.

Monitoring Relays
Monitoring relays measure and monitor current, voltage, temperature, frequency, level, power factor or active power, and activate (or dis-activate) relays accordingly. Different enclosures exist for control technology, industrial systems, machinery and building installations. The rugged design of each enclosure offers excellent usability and instability.

Load Monitors
Load monitors measure variables such as power factor or true power, providing indications and important information about the state and function of machinery and installations, which reduces maintenance costs, service and downtime.

Switching Relays
Tele Haase offers several different AC and DC relays across a wide variety of voltages. The number of switching contacts can vary between 1 and 4, depending on the intended usage. These are typically rated in the tens of millions of switching cycles mechanically and up to a 100,000 switching cycles electrically.

Click here to view the full catalog of Tele Haase Products.

About Tele Haase
Tele Haase was founded in 1963 and is a European market leader in monitoring, control and automation technology. 100% of its core products are produced in Austria. TELE uses solid engineering know-how to develop clever technology for a better world. As a specialist for high-quality industrial electronics, such as monitoring technology, time relays, power electronics or network and system protection, TELE contributes to greater safety with its solutions. For more reliability. And for more efficiency and sustainability.

Lead Time
Many Tele Haase units are stocked in the USA by Aim Dynamics or its partners. For units that are not stocked in the USA, the lead time on small orders is typically only one week! Units are sent via FedEx Int’l Priority to ensure you have your products when you need them.