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UL Listed Current Transformers Now Available

I’m happy to announce that Aim Dynamics has partnered with Sentran Corporation to provide exciting new lines of UL Listed current transformers.  Sentran Corporation is known for its ability to produce top-of-the-line current transformers and current transducers.  Aim Dynamics now carries a large stock of their products.  You, the customer, gets the best of both worlds: Sentran quality with Aim Dynamics’ customer service and speed of delivery.

With the partnership with Sentran Corp there are these exciting new lines to look at:

  • LNxF Series: UL Listed, 0.2% Accuracy, 1A to 600A with 333 mV output.
  • 4DS: AC Amp Input, DC Voltage Output.
  • 4NO4: Outdoor and Waterproof (submersible) with AC Amp Input, AC Voltage Output
  • 5AS: AC Amp Input, 5A AC Output
  • 4LSF: UL Listed, 0.5% Accuracy, AC Amp Input, AC Voltage Output
  • LN2: 0.5% Accuracy, AC Amp Input, AC Voltage Output

Using each of the links above you can see which sizes/amperages are stocked.  Non-stocked items have a 2-3 week lead time.