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New Modbus Meter Video Available

We’ve posted a new video of Victor Fehlberg going over the DTS-307 Modbus meter and its features. Click below to watch.

Here’s the transcript:

Hi, I’m Victor Fehlberg with Aim Dynamics and today I’ll be showcasing the DTS-307 series. Measurlogic’s DTS-307 is a very compact and lightweight meter. It weighs about a quarter of a pound or so. It can pretty much, you know, fit about, I’d say in the palm of my hand. This exact model communicates through Serial BACnet MS/TP protocol to communicate. It’s configured via the DTS Config software that can be downloaded from our website. Other available interfaces include RS485 Serial Modbus RTU and a kWh pulse output. The DTS-307 is designed to easily measure power in 3-phase systems. You can plug this out – take that unplugged, screw in your wire leads there as you can see and once all those are set up and in place you can just plug that in. So, similar type thing here for your CTs. Um, you can use Rogowski coils with the DTS-307 so that’s convenient. And this particular one – it’s a 0.2% accuracy class so you’d probably, you know, whenever possible, use something that’s a revenue grade CT. Over here I’ve got a couple that I’ll showcase with this. This is the Sentran LCF; it’s UL-listed, which is nice. It’s a revenue grade and this one only costs $35 so that’s a good deal. And this here, this is the LN2F by Sentran so it’s part of the LNxF series. We have that on our website. This one is a 0.2% accuracy class – a little bit more expensive but if you’re really looking to have an accurate measurement this is the way to go. The DTS-307 has auto-topology detection so it will detect if there’s three or four wires hooked up here – so the neutral is going to be optional based off your configuration. It’s also got some CT algorithms that will automatically detect in case the CTs get connected backwards, so that’s, you know, that’s handy because that happens a lot. Umm, but despite all the features that it has it’s actually pretty amazingly priced in the $200 range. You’ll also notice here – it has a DIN rail mount, which is convenient. In conclusion here’s what you can expect from the Measurlogic DTS-307. Thanks for watching this video.

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