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Wireless CTs Connected to Measurlogic’s Modbus TCP Meter

Today I hooked up Measurlogic’s DTS-310 Modbus TCP meter to Magnelab’s wireless CT system, the SCT-200W. After getting it set up I created a short video.

Here’s the transcript:

This is Victor Fehlberg here and today
I’ll be showcasing Magnelab’s wireless
SCT 200w series. What I’ve got set up
here – this is the wireless unit and I
have it hooked up to a Measurlogic DTS-310. This particular one is a Modbus TCP
model and as you can see there’s no CTs
hooked up other than just this wire
going over here. I’ve got hooked up into
a regular wall receptacle down here and
so that’s 120 volts and what I’ve done is
I’ve taken my CTs over into this
particular machine and what this is
doing is – this is just a signal generator
for creating.. let’s see where is that… a
hundred amps at 60 Hertz, so a hundred amps at 60 Hertz.
Because it’s a signal generator, uh, we
expect to see the power factor off
because it’s getting the voltage from
the from the wall but looking here I’ve
got my three CTs and what this is doing –
this is passing a hundred amps through
this, through the primary and see these
Magnelab units, this is an 800 amp
to 333 millivolts and what we’ve done is
I right now for this setup I’ve just got
a crossover cable hooking up to the DTS-310 and what you’ll see on the screen is
sure enough the current that it’s
picking up right here is a hundred amps
getting a hundred twenty-one
volts from the DTS-310 and you’ll notice the
B & C phases are getting reading zeros and
that’s simply because i don’t have a
three-phase set up in this particular
scenario. As I indicated the power factor
is… is horrible and you’d expect to see
that just because these waveforms are
totally uh you know they’re not inline at all with one another. And just
to finish this setup I’ll just show you
how this was configured. Um, here on the
current I specified 800 amps on the
primary and one on the secondary which
is how you do that on a Measurlogic
unit when you’re using 333 millivolts
CTs. The last thing I’ll show here
simply is the CT. Notice how it’s
completely wireless – there’s no wires on
there. And that’s the guy that’s
communicating back to this base. That
base is hooked up with the wires, like I
mentioned, to the DTS-310 and that’s how
it’s getting a signal.
Thank you!