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What Are Voltage Transformers Used For?

A voltage transformer is an important piece of electrical equipment used to convert voltages from one level to another. They are commonly used in power transmission and distribution, as well as in electronic equipment. Here are some of the most common uses for voltage transformers and a look into a few of our most popular products:

1. Converting Voltages from a Higher or Lower Level to the Alternate Level

Voltage transformers are devices used to convert voltages. These devices consist of a primary and secondary coil wound around one or more iron core(s). When a voltage is applied across the primary coil, an electrical current is produced in the secondary coil, allowing for voltage conversion. Some voltage transformers also incorporate additional functions. Despite their complexity, these devices are quite simple and intuitive to use. As such, they are often employed in various electronic systems for applications ranging from data processing to telecommunication.

2. Filtering Interference from Power Supplies

Voltage transformers are often used in power supplies to filter out unwanted noise from electrical currents. These transformers work by taking the incoming voltage and stepping it down to a lower level, reducing any unwanted fluctuations in the current that may occur along the way. This helps to ensure a smooth and consistent supply of power to all connected devices, allowing them to operate reliably and without interruption. Additionally, by reducing the interference levels in power supplies, voltage transformers also help to improve overall system efficiency, resulting in higher overall output with less energy input.

3. Converting AC to DC

One of the most common uses for voltage transformers is to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). This process is known as rectification. Voltage transformers take the incoming AC voltage and convert it into a DC voltage that electronic components can use. This process is essential for many electronic devices, ranging from computers to phones. By converting AC to DC, voltage transformers can also help to improve system efficiency by reducing power consumption. If you own any device that requires charging (such as a cellphone, smart watch, wireless headphones, or laptop) then you have one of these devices in your home.

Transformers Used in Power Monitoring


We sell several variations of Magnelab products that are voltage transformers. Models such as their DVT, MGS, SPT, and MGT series products all have some form of voltage transformer involved. The most abundant item in our stock is the MGT-0420, which has an AC Voltage input and a DC Amperage output. This highly accurate device is ideal for measuring distorted waveforms and allows 333mV output sensors to be used with 4-20mA monitoring devices. It converts a 0-333mVAC signal to a corresponding 4-20 mADC output signal. All Magnelab’s products come with a five-year warranty.

Aim Dynamics

Our products offer high-quality performance. Manufactured by Aim Dynamics, the DC series of voltage sensors range from $165 to $225. Our DC1-5V is our best-selling voltage transformer, it monitors 1000 Vdc and outputs an isolated signal of 0-5VDC. We also have a DC1-420 that monitors 1000 Vdc and outputs an isolated signal of 4-20mADC. Applications of this unit include monitoring voltage for solar arrays, battery charging and usage, and over/under voltage monitoring. This product is ideal for environments with extreme humidity, EMI, and temperatures between -30C and 70C.


We sell the EVS30 series from J&D EVS30. This series comes in a variety of input voltage levels. These products input AC voltage and export DC current or voltage depending on the model. When out of stock, expect these products to be back on our shelves in four to 12 weeks.


The products we offer from Verivolt are from two lines, the IsoBlock or Entube TE series. A unique feature of the Entube-TE-100V-10V by Verivolt is the ability to monitor three-phase measurements at a high-quality level without the need for an external power supply. This line is capable of a wide range of voltages, from 50 to 1500 V, with frequencies up to 85kHz. They meet the requirements of 0.2% class accuracy. This product can sense line-to-line and line-to-ground voltages and provide an accurate output. Easy to install and configure, these products offer top-quality monitoring for a wide range of voltage monitoring applications.

Further Uses

4. Providing Isolation Between Circuits

Another common use for voltage transformers is to provide isolation between circuits. This is typically done to prevent electrical interference caused when one circuit interferes with another. Voltage transformers work by providing a barrier between two circuits, allowing each one to operate independently of the other. This ensures that each circuit can run smoothly, accurately, and without interruption, even if there is electrical interference present. By isolating circuits from each other, voltage transformers can also help to improve system safety by preventing dangerous electrical shocks.

5. Providing Voltage Regulation

Another common use for voltage transformers is to provide voltage regulation. This is typically done to ensure that the output voltage of a power supply is consistent and within a required range. Voltage transformers can also help to improve system efficiency by reducing power consumption caused by a higher or lower voltage than required.

Voltage transformers are essential components of many different types of electronic systems. They play a vital role in ensuring that these systems run smoothly and safely at all times. In addition to the brands and products listed above, we carry items from NK Technologies, eGauge, and Tele Haase. To learn more about our voltage transformers and their applications, contact us today.

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