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Energy Monitoring with Split Core Current Sensors

Eco-conscious individuals are becoming more concerned that they might be consuming too much electricity and are significantly increasing their carbon footprint. While energy is essential for households and business operations, using just the right amount of power can go a long way to sustain life and not add more to the things that resulted in climate change. To do this, people should start monitoring their energy consumption as this is useful when it comes to planning how to effectively manage future power intake.

As someone new to the practice of energy monitoring, one can utilize split core current sensors as their measurement device. These sensors are user-friendly and are adaptable to new or retrofit applications. Split core current sensors are also easy install as one can just snap it around the load of wires inside the electrical panel. Additionally, they can be used to do a cumulative reading of power usage from wires getting energy from the same sources.

For people who are not new to monitoring energy usage, a popular application of split core current sensors is subtractive metering or the practice of doing a comparative monitoring of energy usage between a main electrical panel and a subpanel. Basically, a net reading of the main panel less the subpanel will provide information on how a sub panel or panels contribute to the total energy consumption recorded on the main panel.