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TELE SENSact Power Meters

The new, compact TELE SENSact power meters with ModBus RTU interface for highly accurate, flexible, and reliable measurements.

TELE has introduced a new range of communication-capable monitoring devices with ModBus RTU interface with a focus on electric energy applications and monitoring of key electrical values in industrial plants.

The TELE SENSact power meters may look like regular current transformers but they reliably measure current/voltage/power/energy and various other electrical values in single-phase networks. These values are provided to an kind of control unit, datalogger or PLC unit via the established industrial standard ModBus RTU.

The fast measurement cycles and data transmission gives the plant operator a clear view of the condition of the installation. This accurate process data enables specialists and engineers to adapt maintenance intervals accordingly, and help to avoid costly unscheduled downtime.

The S6XM50A1000VM model can handle AC or DC up to 50A. The S9XM300A1000VM can handle AC up to 300A and DC up to 400A.

1-phase power meter AC/DC with ModBus RTU

Converter design
AC up to 50A of up to 400A with Modbus RTU/RS485 interface, DIN rail or panel mount, Frequency range DC or 1-400Hz

Integrated Measurements
Irms, Vrms, Watt, VAr, VA, Vpk, Ipk, frequency, energy bidirectional, THD: 800V AC/ 1000V DC