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TELE’s V4LM Seal Leakage Relays

The new V4LM seal leakage relay from TELE for liquid level monitoring in conductive fluids combines 10 different monitoring functions in one very compact device. It monitors the level of a fluid via directly immersed probes.

Depending on the function selected, the V4LM controls the pumping in and pumping out as well as the running dry and overflow alarms of installations. The device is utilized wherever observing a defined fill level represents an important criterion for the overall function, efficiency, and safety. It protects machines and systems from leakage damage, fluid loss, as well as running dry or overflow.


Unlike float switches, the TELE V4LM has no moving parts and thus has a high service life. In contrast to ultrasonic and radar measurements, the device is resistant to contamination, dust, foam, and mist in the containers. With extremely low probe voltage, small measuring currents and a large sensitivity range from 0.25 to 500kOhm, the fill level measurement is suitable for livestock applications and does not harm animals or humans.

With 10 functions integrated in one device and exceeding the conventional number of probe inputs, stocking and product management will increase efficiently, saving you and your customers time and money.

  • No moving parts, unlike conventional float switches
  • Robust against soil, dust, foam, and mist in containers (as opposed to ultrasound and radar measurements)
  • Suitable for livestock applications due to extra low probe voltage and sensing currents
  • Adjustable sensitivity range (0.25 to 500 kOhm)
  • Non-interfering sensing frequency of 18.3 Hz (no harmonic to mains frequency 50 or 60 Hz)
  • AC measurement also avoids oxyhydrogen gas formation and electrolytic decomposition of probes