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TELE’s V4LM Seal Leakage Relays
The new V4LM seal leakage relay from TELE for liquid level monitoring in conductive fluids combines 10 different monitoring functions in one very compact device. It monitors the level of a fluid via directly immersed probes.
TELE SENSact Power Meters
The new, compact TELE SENSact power meters with ModBus RTU interface for highly accurate, flexible, and reliable measurements. TELE has introduced a new range of communication-capable monitoring devices with ModBus RTU interface with a focus on electric energy applications and monitoring of key electrical values in industrial plants.
Catching the Sun!
The most basic, yet important, part of photovoltaic cell (PV) installation is getting the modules to convert the most solar energy possible. PV tracking systems are used to achieve this. They follow the sun’s position throughout the day, exposing the cell to maximum light. Seamless motion of the panels is absolutely necessary to prevent damages to the mechanical construction.