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Magnelab’s New UL-Listed CTs Put to the Test
Magnelab recently released a new line of UL-Listed split-core current transformers. The design of the new current transformers is exciting! How will they perform?
New Office Location
We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth, we have moved into a new location. We will continue to offer the same friendly service at our new address.
Power Monitors: Monitoring of Electronic Motors
TELE power monitoring systems offer significant advantages, particularly in situations in which monitoring tasks are usually carried out by sensors.
New Product Line: Tele Haase
We are happy to announce that Aim Dynamics will begin carrying a new line of UL products made by Tele Haase. Tele Haase specializes making timing relays, monitoring relays, load monitors and other switching relays.
BACnet: What is It and What Benefits Does It Offer? How is it used in Building Automation?
BACnet protocol is an important part of automated building control systems. So, if you are new to automated building systems or have never used this protocol before, it is important you comprehend it fully. In this way, you can get the crucial insight you need into this protocol and better understand how it benefits you and your business.
How Rogowski Coils Work
Named after their inventor, Walter Rogowski, the Rogowski style of coils was first developed in 1912. They function as a measurement tools that determine the current moving through a conductor that has been inserted within the flexible Rogowski loop. Rogowski coils allows the observer to accurately examine the changes in current over a given period. To utilize the output, you may need to “integrate” the raw voltage output. We’ll talk about what this means in a minute, but first we need to explain a little more about the coils themselves.
DC Voltage Output CT Comparison
If you need an Adc to Vdc transducer, you’ll want to compare the Magnelab DCT series and the Sentran Corp 4DS series. To help you do this, consider the following chart.
What is a UL Listed Current Transformer versus a UL Recognized CT?
When it comes to current transformer (CT) requirements, approvals and registrations can cause quite a headache for inspectors and installers. Sifting through different products and components to decipher certifications and seals can be quite a challenge, which is why knowing the difference between a UL Listed current transformer and a UL Recognized current transformer is so important.
Regular to Revenue Grade Current Transformers: The difference is in the dollars
Not all AC current sensors are created equal. Some are able to measure energy usage with acceptable accuracy, while others can pin down your energy bill to within 0.2%. What makes a Revenue Grade Current Sensor?
Wireless CTs Connected to Measurlogic’s Modbus TCP Meter
Today I hooked up Measurlogic’s DTS-310 Modbus TCP meter to Magnelab’s wireless CT system, the SCT-200W. After getting it set up I created a short video.