AC Current Switches and Sensors

Aim Dynamics is a well known current transformer supplier. We offer a wide variety of AC current sensors (also called current transformers or CTs). To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve broken them down into these categories:

AC Amp Input -> 333 mV Output. These AC current sensor devices output 333 mVac at the rated current you select, e.g. 2000A/333mV. These customizations are available. All but the Rogowski coil kits are passive devices.

AC Amp Input -> 5A Output. These “true” current transformers output up to 5 Amps AC at the rated current you select. These are all passive devices except for the 5A Rogowski coil kits, which require external power. This type of AC current sensor comes in various forms including solid an split core current transformer styles.

AC Amp Input -> 1A Output. These current transformers output up to 1 Amps AC at the rated current you choose. These are all passive devices. This type of AC current sensor is offered in a couple styles including solid and split core current sensor styles.

AC Amp Input -> 4-20 mA Output. These current sensors output a 20 mA signal at the rated current and 4 mA at zero. The split-core current sensors are passive but the 4-20 mA Rogowski coil kits require either an external power source, or 9-36 Vdc power from the 4-20 mA loop, depending on the model.

AC Amp Input -> DC Voltage Output. These current transducers output a DC voltage on the secondary corresponding to the current detected on the primary. These are passive current transducers.

AC Current Switch. These AC current switches turn on an electronic switch (connecting the secondary wires) at the threshold AC current (detected on the primary conductor). The thresholds range from 0.015A to 5A, depending on the model.

Aim Dynamics carries a AC current sensors from a range of manufacturers including Magnelab, WattcoreSentran and Aim Dynamics branded CTs.