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Rogowski Coils vs. Current Transformers
Rogowski coils are a type of current sensor used to measure electrical current in an AC circuit. They work by wrapping a flexible, continuous, and non-magnetic conductor around the conductor carrying the current to be measured. The coil generates a voltage proportional to the current flowing through the conductor, which can then be measured and processed to determine the current.
What are Hall Effect Current Sensors Used for?
Hall effect current sensors appear in countless industrial and commercial applications. From power plants to automotive engines, such devices are essential for detecting and monitoring current levels. With their accuracy and reliability, hall effect current sensors are a great option for many projects. Let’s find out what their purpose is.
The Pros and Cons of Using Hall Effect Current Sensors
Hall effect current sensors use various components to monitor current. The components inside may contain amplifiers along with their sensing elements.
The 3 Most Common Places to Find Hall Effect Current Sensors
Hall effect current sensors are used for a variety of applications. One of the benefits of Hall effect sensors is their small size, which allows them to be used in very small electronic devices.
A Brief Overview of the Hall Effect
When a conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the charge carriers are deflected by the magnetic field’s action on the conductor body. The Hall effect is the name given to this action and is one of the most frequent methods for measuring magnetic fields. American scientist Edwin Hall discovered the Hall effect in 1879, according to the American Physical Society, but it was not until decades later that integrated circuits could take full advantage of this phenomenon. Keep reading for a quick overview of the Hall effect.
What Are Voltage Transformers Used For?
A voltage transformer is an important piece of electrical equipment used to convert voltages from one level to another. They are commonly used in power transmission and distribution, as well as in electronic equipment. Here are some of the most common uses for voltage transformers and a look into a few of our most popular products.
Come see us at Sensors Converge 2021
Aim Dynamics teamed up with Magnelab will be at the Sensors Converge 2021 in San Jose, CA on September 21-23. We look forward to seeing you at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in sunny California.
Aim Dynamics Partners with Teltonika Networks
Who is Teltonika Networks? Teltonika Networks is a rapidly growing, technology company. They specialize in manufacturing professional network connectivity equipment, including cellular routers, and switches designed for worldwide use.
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Everything You Need to Know About Current Sensors
What is a current sensor? Current sensors, also commonly referred to as current transformers or CTs, are devices that measure the current running through a wire by using the magnetic field to detect the current and generate a proportional output.